Aroian Editorial

Karen Aroian needed to market her editorial services to emerging authors. An editor with decades of experience in both trade and educational publishing, she needed a place to market her services. Together, we identified her target audience of authors and business professionals, as well as literary agents and publishers. I chose a simple WordPress theme to draw attention to her well-crafted content. I selected a series of stock images with modern but warm look to represent Karen Aroian’s personality as an editor. The website launched in October of 2017.

Farrell’s Artglass

Karen Farrell struggled to generate enough business. A master stained glass designer and craftsperson with twenty years of experience, all she needed was a new website, copywriting, and help with marketing strategy. During a consultation, we identified Karen’s sources of repeat business, namely interior designers, and builders. Karen sent in photos, from which only the best were chosen and edited. We developed a bio and copywriting to highlight Karen’s skill and experience. Then, we used social media to point potential customers to Karen’s portfolio. The website was a huge success. At first, there was silence, then a few months later, Karen had so many clients that she raised her rates–even during the economic recession! Karen was so pleased that she referred her brother, Jack Farrell, to market his remodeling and window repair business.

Jack Farrell Remodel and Repair

Jack Farrell needed more customers, so he asked Laura Ohata to build a website. Jack provided the images and collaborated with Ohata on the website copywriting. After the site launched, Ohata placed links on social media sites to drive traffic to his portfolio. Just like his sister, Karen, there was a disappointing lull. A few months later Jack called Laura to thank her. He had so much work that he had to start turning clients away.